With our Halls of Residence, we aim to promote hospitality and educational guidance to university students off campus. It is our wish that the life experience in the Hall of Residence, while respecting different personal sensibilities and backgrounds, becomes a source of human and Christian maturity, cultural and civic learning and greater responsibility. Our Educational Plan follows the guidelines of our work in the Halls of Residence for students, educators (directors, spiritual advisers and tutors) and workers, each to the extent of their skills and duties.



Shared kitchen

Multifunctional lounge



Snack corner

Accommodation and fees

The admissions process

1. Send your application

2. Interview

3. Receive results by email

4. Sign the contract

5. Payment

Annual fees for the period selected from the following:

a. 01/09/2023 – 30/06/2024;

b. 11/09/2023 – 10/07/2024;

c. 01/10/2023 – 31/07/2024;

Fees include:

accommodation in a room: according to the type of room indicated in the table, based on the Hall of Residence calendar;

self-catering: as specified in Regulations;

cleaning: rooms are cleaned twice a week and the common areas are cleaned daily;

bed linen change: weekly;

wireless connection: for study purposes only;

affiliation: the Foundation is affiliated with CSI-Milano and other clubs for sports and recreational activities; registered Users benefit from the organisation and insurance coverage;

insurance cover for injuries: valid in the building and extended to institutional activities organised by the Foundation.

Annual fee

All the rates indicated above are per person and refer to overnight stays only, including legal VAT (10%).

*The amount may vary if the current VAT rate increases.

Type of roomAnnual rate a.y. 23/24Annual rate a.y. 24/25
Single room with en-suite bathroom (2)€ 9.000,00€ 8.900,00
Single room with shared bathroom (80)€ 7.700,00€ 7.700,00
Double room with en-suite bathroom (8)€ 7.400,00€ 7.500,00
Double room with shared bathroom (8)€ 7.000,00€ 7.000,00

Short stay rates

All the rates indicated above are per person, refer to overnight stays only and include legal VAT (10%). They may vary if the VAT rate increases when signing the contract.

Application form

  • Carefully read the pages of our website and in particular information on the Educational Plan, Regulations, Accommodation Contract, Annex A of the contract and the Privacy Policy.
  • Fill out and send the application form below.
    When you send your application, you are expressing an interest in learning more about our hall of residence, but you are not required to register and we are not required to reserve a bed for you.
  • Upon receiving confirmation of submission by e-mail, call the Hall of Residence to schedule a visit and interview with the Director.
  • Please note that during the interview, you will be asked to submit:
    • an identity document,
    • your tax identification number,
    • a copy of your most recent high school report card and final examination marks if you have them.
  • You will be notified of the results of your interview via email within a few days.
  • Admission is formalised by sending the letter of admission by e-mail, containing all necessary information to complete your registration.

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

Type of roomType of room Monthly rate, for guests with an annual contract (extra nights outside the contractual term)Monthly rateNightly rate, for guests with an annual contract (extra nights outside the contractual term)Nightly rate
Single room with en-suite bathroom (2)€ 900,00€ 991,00€ 35,00€ 45,00
Single room with shared bathroom (80)€ 770,00€ 925,00€ 30,00€ 35,00
Double room with en-suite bathroom (8)€ 740,00€ 821,60€ 27,00€ 30,00
Double room with shared bathroom (8)€ 700,00€ 710,50€ 20,00€ 30,00

La nostra storia

La Fondazione La Vincenziana rientra tra le attività della Diocesi di Milano.

La sua costituzione risale all’11 maggio 1934 come ente ecclesiastico e al 18 maggio 1935 come ente civilmente riconosciuto, ad opera del Cardinale Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster il quale le attribuì il “fine essenziale della assistenza religiosa ai giovani operai che non hanno famiglia a Milano”.

In quell’epoca, infatti, molti giovani provenienti da paesi rurali della Lombardia e di altre zone d’Italia trovavano lavoro a Milano dove però rischiavano di “perdersi”; a loro, perciò, veniva offerta dalla Fondazione l’accoglienza in un Pensionato, diretto da un sacerdote, dove potevano trovare un clima familiare, un aiuto ad affrontare le difficoltà della vita lontana da casa e una guida per crescere nella fede.

Negli anni ’70 l’attività della Fondazione si è ampliata con la gestione di alcuni Collegi per studenti universitari nella città di Milano e con quella di diversi Pensionati per lavoratori fatti costruire dalla Fondazione Opere Sociali della Cassa di Risparmio delle Province Lombarde per ospitare i lavoratori immigrati provenienti dal Sud Italia.

Attualmente le strutture di accoglienza che fanno capo alla Fondazione sono:

  • Collegio Universitario San Paolo
  • Collegio Universitario San Filippo Neri
  • Casa Universitaria Bertoni

La Fondazione, ente senza fine di lucro, è amministrata da un Consiglio formato da cinque persone (un presidente e quattro consiglieri), nominate dall’Arcivescovo, e ha sede in piazza Fontana 2 a Milano.

Our history

Fondazione La Vincenziana is part of the activities of the Milan Diocese.

It was founded as an ecclesiastical body on 11 May 1934 and as a body recognised under civil law on 18 May 1935 by Cardinal Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, who bestowed on it the “essential purpose of providing religious assistance to young workers without family in Milan”.

Indeed, at that time, many young men from villages in Lombardy and other Italian regions found work in Milan but ran the risk of “losing their way”. Instead, the Foundation offered them accommodation in a Hostel run by a priest, where they could enjoy a family atmosphere, assistance with the difficulties of life away from home and guidance to grow in the faith.

In the 1970s, the Foundation expanded its activities when it began managing a few Halls of Residence for university students in the city of Milan and various Hostels for workers that Fondazione Opere Sociali della Cassa di Risparmio delle Province Lombarde (the Social Works Foundation of the Lombardy Province Savings Banks) had built for migrant workers from Southern Italy.

Today, the Foundation runs the following accommodation facilities:

  • San Paolo University Hall of Residence
  • San Filippo Neri University Hall of Residence
  • Bertoni University House
  • St. Maria del Rosario University Residence

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation managed by a Board of five people (one chairman and four directors) appointed by the Archbishop. It is based in Piazza Fontana 2, Milan.